Chiropractic Testimonials

"I injured my lower back, believe I stepped off a curb weird, and was in pain for several days. After self-medicating for several days, and not getting better, I contacted the TX Room Clinic in hopes of some relief. Dr. Bernard was thorough in his examination, explained my injury, and recommended treatment. After the first session with Dr. Bernard, and following his recommendation of ice and stretching on my own, I was able to go about my normal daily routine with minimal pain. After 2 sessions with Dr. Bernard he added core exercises to my routine, and after the third treatment I was pain free and back in the gym!

Thanks to Dr. Bernard, I am walking straight and exercising again!"

- A. Yotides

"Thank You, Thank You Dr. Bernard!!! When I hopped into your office on crutches after severely hurting my calf muscle playing tennis, I was prepared to not play tennis for a very long time! HOWEVER, after just 4 treatments(really just after 3 treatments because I tried to cancel the 4th) I am ready to play tennis again and I only missed 2 weeks!!! I have to admit that at first I was not so sure “deep massaging” my calf would do much good, BUT even after that FIRST visit I was able to lose the crutches and put some weight on it. You have made a BELIVER out of me and I am back to 100% ready to SMASH it on the courts!!

Many Thanks to you and your wonderful staff"

- R. Conine

"Dr. Bernard has worked wonders on my low back. I have degenerative arthritis in my L4/L5 vertebrae and have been in constant pain since 2005. I was taking Iodine daily and back still tender. I have had 3 treatments with Dr. Bernard and my low back is already 75% better. My husband and I have nicknamed Dr. Bernard “magic fingers”! Truly AMAZING!!!!"

- K. Ramalho

"I came to Dr. Chris McDougal’s office after almost a year of frustration visiting podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons for intense pain and muscle spasms in the balls of both of my feet and into my toes. All of the medical specialists recommended corrective surgery that would require up to a year of recovery, but none could give me a definitive diagnosis or the encouragement I needed that surgery would make the pain go away.

"When I mentioned to a friend that I may need foot surgery, she urged me to contact another acquaintance of ours who had similar issues before I committed to surgery. This led me to Dr. McDougal and I decided to give his myotherapy treatment a try. The myotherapy was painful at first, but Dr. McDougal did a great job of explaining why his hands-on approach works and I was surprised at how quickly I began to experience relief from my pain. My condition has continued to improve and is no longer debilitating.

"Recently, my 12 year old daughter – a competitive swimmer – strained her neck badly while training and had absolutely no mobility to turn her head side to side. Dr. McDougal’s office was the first call I made. After just one treatment, my daughter had almost full mobility and was free of pain. After applying the prescribed icing treatment following her appointment, she was good as new and back in the pool the following day. I will also mention that the staff at Dr. McDougal’s office takes a personal interest in all of his clients. They are warm, cheerful and welcoming. I can’t thank Dr. McDougal and his team enough for helping me “back on my feet!”

- L. Siegel

"I am a guitar teacher/musician and had been struggling with tendonitis or some sort of repetitive strain injury for over a year. Initially I messed up my arms when I started taking a martial arts class, but even long after I quit the symptoms remained. I was dealing with lots of inflammation, tenderness, and at times pain. It was bad enough that I was afraid to commit to any live gigs, and was even wondering if I was going to be able to teach in the future as I was getting progressively worse. I had previously tried acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, and saw a general medical doctor. Nothing helped. On a musicians forum online, someone suggested finding a sports rehab specialist. with much speculation (not wanting to waste any more money), I made my first appt. After two sessions with Dr. Chris I saw remarkable improvement. After three sessions I started to feel like my old self. I still have to go in for an occasional treatment, but it is on a “as needed” basis. I am grateful for finding the Tx room as it has enabled me to start playing and having fun on my instrument again. Chris is also a straight shooter and I appreciate that."

- S. Horvath

"Where would I be without you?? I think I’d own a cane by now"

- J. Gibson

"I’ve had two shoulder surgeries, 5 different physical therapy sessions and 15 cortisone shots. None of this seemed to help my shoulder pain and structural damage. The surgeries did put everything back in place, but it did nothing for fixing the pain and lack of range of motion I have experienced. I have seen Dr. McDougal just three times now and my range of motion has improved 100%. Even better than that is the amount of pain that has disappeared. I really thought the only option I had left was shoulder replacement, which is what doctors had told me was next, but I am amazed, thrilled and very grateful for Dr. McDougal and how much everyday activities have eased for me."

- D. Delgado

"I’m seriously a new woman!!! Y’all rule!!!"

- A. Arne

"Dr. McDougal is amazing! Was in pain from Plantar Fasciitis and problems with Lateral Meniscus and after working with him I’m doing so much better!!! Audrey and Tanya are wonderful!!!"

- F. Sorrell

"All I can say is WOW!! I couldn’t walk yesterday because of a pinched sciatic nerve & went to TX room today & now I am walking with little to no pain!! Awesome people & incredible treatment!!"

- H. Alda

"Thank you Dr. Chris McDougal & Audrey McDougal… Myotherapy is AMAZING as is your Staff!"

- J. Lyons

"Dr. McDougal is awesome!! My hip hurt for 2 years, and after 4 sessions I am as good as new! Dr. McDougal works wonders! I wish I had known him during my college tennis days!"

- S. Overton

"I LOVE Dr. McDougal and what he can do for you!! My family, husband, 14 year old son and myself have all been going to Dr. McDougal for over 3 years!! I do believe we are his biggest fans! We have referred many friends from the Coppell area and they are all believers!! Thanks Chris and Audrey!!! We wish you all the best!!"

- A. McGurk

"I just wanted to post how much I appreciate Dr. McDougal, Audrey and the The Tx Room! Dr. McDougal should be the first person you should call when you have an injury. After months of suffering with a frozen shoulder, with little relief from cortisone and physical therapy, Dr. McDougal had me moving with full range of motion within a couple of visits. After seeing the results, I asked him about my knees because I still had alot of pain and stiffness even though I had them both scoped in the last couple of years. With his help, I was finally able to start working out and living pain free. I have referred many others to Dr. McDougal and all have been amazed with his ability to solve ongoing issues that doctors couldn’t. I’m a believer!"

- E. Landon

"I’m so thankful for Dr. McDougal. Dr. McDougal’s treatment is something I have never tried. I have had 2 treatments so far and most of the pain is gone. I have hope now!"

- T. Gerstner

"Dr. McDougal is a talented and caring doctor. His treatments have really helped my lower back."

- L. Mowder

"Chris has helped me with all of my tennis injuries over the last 3 1/2 years. He has always worked me in as soon as he could to help me. I have sent at least 10 friends to him who have all been very happy with their results and his service. I highly recommend him!"

- J. Engels

"Aaron is feeling great! Thank you so much. We will see you next week. By the way, we will be sending some more of our baseball players! Dr. Chris will become our “team doc”."

- T. Weseman

"I have been in pain for 15 years. The pain started in my back, through my shoulders and radiated up into my jaw that eventually led to severe TMJ. I lost my hearing and had vertigo. Praise that I found a great TMJ dentist that was able to stabilize my TMJ. The vertigo went away and my hearing came back. My TMJ has been under control but I have to use meds and a bite splint. I found Chris through a friend of mine. I have been skeptical of Chiropractors in the past but I have read that Chris does more muscle work. There was such a pain in the middle of my back that I thought that is what I needed. Long story short, Chris found a rib out of joint and for the first time in 15 yrs I am out of pain in my back, shoulder and jaw. I really can’t believe it!! You are the best Chris and I will definitely be sending my clients to you!!"

- S. Rene’

"I have a very active family. Our sports include tennis, soccer, weight training, softball and school sports for my daughter. The stress and strain on the body at times leads to injury which made it difficult to participate in our activities. Rest and ibuprofen weren’t working so I decided to try something else. A friend referred me to The Tx Room. The manual technique used by Dr. Bernard not only reduced the pain but improved the range and with longer more effective results. Since the initial visit my husband and daughter have also been with good results. We’ve learned that keeping our bodies in better working order reduces our chance of injury and allows for better sports performance. So glad we found Dr. Bernard and The Tx Room."

- J. Zansler


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