Shoulder Pain – New Options for Care in Plano TX

Shoulder Pain - New Options for Care

Shoulder Pain – New Options for Care in Plano TX

Your shoulder joint is a remarkable joint. Think about all the things you can do with your arms because of the flexibility of that joint.

The shoulder joint is amazing, but it's also a joint that can be vulnerable to injury. Rotator cuff injuries are very common and can be life-altering. The pain can be very intense.

The Common Path

Most people that have shoulder pain end up going the traditional medical route. For most people that route is the only one they know.

There are typically 3 options in the medical route…

  1. Medication
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. Surgery

There are times when any of the three options listed above can be correct, but are they always correct? Are the any options that work with your body's natural healing ability?

A New Approach

At The TX Room we take an integrative approach to shoulder pain. We bring the best in medical and alternative treatments together to give our patients the best results. Our new PRP therapy has had outstanding results.

If you're dealing with shoulder pain our team at The TX Room is happy to help.


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