Knee Pain – New Options for Care in Plano TX

Knee Pain - New Options for Care

Knee Pain – New Options for Care in Plano TX

Our knees are a remarkable part of our body. If you've ever dealt with knee pain, then you understand how important they are. Every day we depend on them to perform the most basic tasks of living.

The knee is a very mobile joint supported on all sides and internally by ligaments and muscles. It's a work of art, but with all the stress we put on it there can be problems. The knee can become misaligned leading to premature degeneration.

The Common Path

The most common path in healthcare is the traditional medical system. Early in life most of us were trained that the hospital is the source of health. When we have pain or sickness the hospital will fix it for us.
In the case of knee pain there are typically three medical options…

  1. Medication
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. Surgery

There are times when any of the three options listed above can be correct, but are they always correct? Are any options that work with your body's natural healing ability?

A New Approach

At The TX Room we take an integrative approach to knee pain. We bring the best in medical and alternative treatments together to give our patients the best results. Our new PRP therapy has had outstanding results.

If you're dealing with knee pain our team at The TX Room is happy to help.


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