Chiropractor in Plano Explains the Fascial Distortion Model

Chiropractor in Plano Explains the Fascial Distortion Model

Fascial Distortion Model

Looking for a highly-rated Plano chiropractor that prides themselves in musculoskeletal injuries? This article is about the Fascial Distortion Model, a kind of treatment that is different than the rest. Contact The Tx Room to find out how they can help you.

FDMInitial Treatment Expectations in Plano:

  • There is a good chance you will be sore following the initial session. Sort of like working out for the first time in a long time, we are making changes to your tissue and it could hurt for a couple of days but it will calm down and the soreness you feel from the treatment will subside and the pain from the injury should also feel better.
  • Pain is a great indicator as to how well your body is responding to the treatment. Each session should get better and not hurt as badly. As the injured tissue is worked over and over it allows the body to change and go through a new healing process, one in which the treatment is aiding the body to heal quicker and more efficiently.
  • We are looking for complete resolve with your injury with as few treatments as possible. We are in the business of fixing your injuries, not you becoming a permanent fixture for months on end. Don’t get me wrong, we love seeing everyone but we like getting results better. We rely on you telling your family and friends about our office.

We have built our office strictly off our patient referrals. The treatment we perform is a different perspective on how soft tissue injuries can be treated and not many people know it even exists. So, if you find the treatment has helped you we would appreciate you spreading the word.


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